Friday 7 January 2011

My name is Rachel Tillett, I have applied to do the BA (Hons) Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitian University. After several visits I am really impressed with the facilities and work produced by students on the course and also other Art and Design courses.

I have always been interested in art and design and since studying the subject further at college I found my passion lies with fine art. I am constantly updating my sketchbooks and enjoy researching artists and visiting exhibitions and museums.

To date my favourite fine artist is Henry Matisse because I like the variety of his work, however I am constantly coming across new artists every week as my work progresses. Matisse's work ranges from simple life drawing and sketches of the human body to very modern pieces which are simply blocks of vibrant colour. I especially love his earlier work and have based my work around his pieces many times for example some aspects of my life drawing classes.

Medias I enjoy using include graphite, charcoal and oil paints. I enjoy using graphite and charcoal to sketch with as they can be smudged and can be used to shade with as there is different grades of hardness. I have only recently started using oil paints as I am constantly working on a portrait. My art teacher introduced me and they are now one of my favourite medias as they are easy to blend and work really well with skin tone and so are perfect for portraits!

Museum visits I have recently enjoyed included The Tate in Liverpool. I visited this museum to gather contextual research for my second year project 'Identity'. It was a very helpful visit and work from artists such as Roy Butler's 3D piece called 'Girl on a round base' which was made from bronze. I found this work interesting as it was a different take on capturing aspects of the human body.

I am pleased you are considering my application, and this blog includes some pieces from my portfolio which I believe are the strongest pieces of my work. My blog contains examples of my drawing capability, with samples from life drawing, final pieces and working pieces. I hope you enjoy looking at my online portfolio and I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Life drawing-Nov 2010, charcoal and graphite 4B

Summer Project 2010-Portraiture, 'My Brother' acyrlic paint and collage

Working Piece-Dec 2010 'Portrait of my Dad' oil paints

Completeted final piece-Dec 2010, oil paints

'The City Project'-Feb 2010, arcylic paints, impasto gel

Exam piece 'Windows' May 2010 acrylic paints, PVA glue

Sketchbook pages 2010- Lucian Freud artsist research

Sketchbook pages 2010- Observational studies graphite, charcoal, fine liner and water

Sketchbook pages 2010-Observational studies graphite, ink and stick, chalk

Sketchbook pages 2010-Etching